Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life
Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life
A Book of Remembrance
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you believe that God is intimately involved in the details of your everyday life? Do you, really? Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life is a true story which demonstrates just that. This compellingly-honest and deeply-touching true story will have you laughing, wondering, weeping, smiling and meditating on God’s very personal love – for not just this ordinary woman, but for you as well. As you join her on this journey of life’s twists and turns, you just might find yourself identifying with her at times. See for yourself how God:

• Turns her world upside down—for a divine purpose
• Perfectly times situations no one could have
• Confirms His guidance many times over
• Sends people to her—who haven't a clue why
• Personally involves Himself in her dating relationships

As you connect the dots, you will see how these divine interventions have been perfectly woven for over fifty years. And to think that just one initial God-ordained event started it all! Her prayer is that as you read this story, God will reveal to you His loving, detailed involvement in your everyday life. Be encouraged and blessed!

As I burst into the house with TGIF jubilation, I'm totally unprepared for the strange atmosphere which I sense immediately but can't quite define. I stop in my tracks when Mom and Dad quickly call my younger sister Judy into our living room and tell us both to sit down. "Uh,oh," I think, "Something's up and it doesn't look good." All eyes are on Mom, who looks uncomfortable, like she's dreading what she's about to say. As she clears her throat, my happy mood is waning by the seconds. Her shaky voice almost makes me miss her first words. I can already feel in my bones that this will be something big.

Betty Deniston, a retired secretary, organized and has managed the impressive library ministry of the First Church of the Nazarene for 32 years. Her passion for reading Christian fiction stimulated her to write her true story in the style of a novel. Betty and her husband, Dan, live in Fort Myers, Florida.

This wonderful book delivers everything you would hope for when you sit in your comfy chair for a good read. First and foremost, it praises our Father by acknowledging all the things He does to protect and bless the author's life; even the biggest skeptic cannot dismiss these facts as coincidence. Secondly, it provokes personal reflection on one's life, spiritual growth, and the path we've taken to the place we're standing today. Finally, it is just enormously entertaining! I sat down to read a few pages with the plan to get some household chores done. Within 10 minutes I found it impossible to put the book down, and couldn't wait until the next page to see where the story was going. Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life is one of those books where you get to the last page and say "No, you can't be done yet! I want more!!" I guarantee you'll not only love this book, but recommend it to 5 to ten friends.
Ron Romuno 
Excellent book. Very well written. I couldn't put it down.
I couldn't wait to read the book Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life! The author is such a beautiful woman of God , calling out to the Lord in times of trouble, trusting Him at every turn and every step of her life even when the path is unknown. She walks by faith and not by sight. She is a great disciple of Jesus Christ always sharing her faith with grace to the full glory of God! The book really shows how God does plan our every step and unfolds those steps in His will and timing. This book is adventurous in the simple ordinary and extraordinary walks of life in quietness and gentleness of the Spirit of God. ! I thank God for her and praise him for her life and walk of faith ! Enjoy!
Love you Betty , you are dear to my heart and I am so glad God planned for you to be in our family! I learn From you always about Gods grace and mercy! Xoxo Kim
Kim Hagerstrom 

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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