Where’s the Escape Hatch? Help Me!!! I Think I’m in Hell
Where’s the Escape Hatch? Help Me!!! I Think I’m in Hell
Bernie’s Personal Tours of Heaven and Hell
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Bernie is a wild nonconformist who refuses to be politically correct and says whatever pops into his head. Bernie takes a trip of a lifetime to heaven and hell. What he finds may surprise you.

Dixie gives seminars regarding the afterlife. She and Bernie give a blow-by-blow description of what Bernie is experiencing during the seminars. By the end, many of the attendees will make personal choices that not only affect themselves but those closest to them. Dixie believes that heaven and hell really do exist and backs up her belief with Scripture during the seminars. During the seminars, Dixie gives all the true facts and asks the attendees several questions to contemplate on their way home.

Joe, Bill, Amanda, and Jill attend all three seminars for different reasons. They all make their choices where they will permanently reside.

Rich, Barb, and Julia are all good people, but the choices they made land them where they least expected.




“I’m next!” “I can hear them!” “They’re getting closer!”

Rich hears the demons talking their lingo between themselves and laughing. He does not know what they are saying to each other about him and he becomes incredibly frightened.

He hears the demons banging very hard on his door. Rich tries to take control of the situation and he yells at them, as loud as he can, “Stop banging on the door!” “Bully someone else!” “I’m not going to let you in!” “No!” “Go away!” “Leave me alone!”

Rich’s cell is completely black and windowless. There are no light switches to turn on. Even though Rich cannot see, and he is incredibly weak, he feels his way to the door and blocks it the best he can with his body knowing that the demons are poised and ready to open the door. The demons are just too powerful and overtake all his efforts; therefore, he quickly moves away from the door. Slowly, a demon removes the metal bar off his prison cell door. Rich hears the door making an eerie creaking sound as it is being slowly opened from the outside of his cell. The three demons slowly saunter into his incredibly tiny cell and they slam the heavy door behind them. Rich starts to panic and is having major panic attacks because he knows that he is unable to escape.

Rich crawls to the far corner of his cell and cowers but all the demons see where he is trying to hide. One of them trudges over to him and picks him up with one hand that has long talons that tears into Rich’s flesh causing him excruciating pain as he flicks him like a pebble against the wall of his cell. He ricochets off the rough wall barely able to move. Breathlessly, with his head hanging down, he moans because of the pain.

He frantically asks the demons, “What have I done?” “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size?” “Why won’t you leave me alone?” The demons do not respond to Rich and ignores his questions.

Next, Rich tells the demons, “I’m not a bad person!” “I don’t belong here!” “There’s been a mistake!” “I want to leave this hell hole!” Again, he gets complete silence.

The demons move ever so slowly towards him. Rich pleads with the demons, “NO!” “Please no!” “I’m begging you!” “No more hurting me!” “Just get it over with and KILL me!” The demons totally ignore his pleas; instead, they laugh at him in a hideous and maniacal way and then they begin to torture him in ways that are indescribable. Rich screams at the top of his lungs because of the incredible pain being inflicted upon him but no person comes to his rescue. Finally, after a long duration of time, all the demons get bored and end their non-stop tortures. They slowly turn around and open the door to his cell and walk out. Once outside his cell, they secure the door with the metal bar. Rich knows that three different demons will shortly be back and the attacks will be more vicious and violent.

Rich cannot move and has tears streaming down his cheeks. Eventually, he forces himself to crawl to the corner of his cell and thinks to himself, “Why is this happening to me?” “I need answers!” “Is there anybody out there that cares what happens to me?” “I need to talk to another person!” “I can’t take any more!” “I need help!” “I’m going to go insane!”

* * * * *

A little after midnight, on Thursday morning, Dixie starts moving all over her bed flinging her arms and legs from the right side to the left side. She starts mumbling and moaning and then she loudly screams, “Stop hurting Rich!” “Leave him alone!” “He doesn’t deserve this!”

“Dixie, wake up. You are having a bad nightmare.”

Dixie sits up in bed and is crying uncontrollably. She cannot stop her body from trembling non-stop.

“Dick, make them stop hurting Rich!”

“Dixie, what are you talking about?”

“Dick, God sent me to Hell. I stood outside of Rich’s cell and heard everything. God then allowed me to see inside his darkened cell and I saw what was happening to him physically. It was terrifying beyond belief. I could not believe what I was hearing, together with seeing what my friend was going through and not being able to help him.”

“Dixie, get a grip. You are not in Hell. You are at home now and in bed. Go back to sleep.”

Dixie eventually falls back to sleep for a short duration of time.

* * * * *

“I hear them!” “They’re coming back!” “Oh, no, they’re going to hurt me!”

The three demons are now standing outside of Barb’s prison cell door. She starts trembling uncontrollably as she hears one of them taking the metal bar off her door and then turning the door knob. The door quickly opens. After the demons gait into her cell, they slam the door behind them. Once they enter her cell, Barb becomes very nauseated and physically weaker. The demons smell like heavy and thick smoke, rotten eggs and sewage. Every breath becomes a real struggle.

Barb weighs 98 pounds and is very frail. She cowers in the left corner of her darkened cell hoping they can’t find her. She puts her head between her knees and she does not make a sound. Becoming more panic stricken, she hopes they will turn around and leave her cell if she remains as quiet as possible. Barb is wrong. All three demons see where she is hiding. One of them struts over to Barb hiding in the left corner of her cell and grabs her by her hair and hips; picks her up off the floor; and then throws her as hard as it can against the rough wall where she collapses in the middle of her cell.

Barb cries out, “Please, please no!” “I’m begging you!” “Leave me alone!” “Don’t hurt me!” “Why are you doing this to me?” None of the demons responds to her requests for mercy nor do they answer her question that she is asking.

The demons begin to toss her around like a rag doll and then they start to maliciously attack her entire body for a very long time. Out of desperation, Barb tries to protect herself but it is useless. Once the demons see that Barb is unable to move, they quickly turn around and walk out of her cell and put the metal bar back down on her door so she cannot escape.

After the vicious attacks are over, Barb starts to sob non-stop because she is in so much agony and pain. She crawls on her hands and knees back to the left corner of her darkened cell and thinks to herself, “Why is this happening to me?” “I don’t deserve to be here!” “I need help!” “I want to walk away!” “I want to leave this horrible place and never return!” “I need to see and talk with other people down here!” “I can’t take hearing the non-stop yelling and wailing!” “I’m going to go crazy!”

The most important decision every person will make regards the afterlife. T. M. Harris has a real passion for people and their eternity destination; therefore, she strives to tell everyone the truth of what she has learned about heaven and hell.


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