The Serendipity Of Marriage
The Serendipity Of Marriage
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The “Serendipity of Marriage” is based on biblical scripture teaching. Winters as a minister have been consoling men, women, and couples for over twenty years discussing their difference in the behavior of the opposite gender. To help them better understand their role in their relationship, Winters would direct them to scripture, where they are able to feel their role within their relationship. Marriage is a sacred union before God, it does not matter how difficult your relationship is, with your husband or wife, because if you first have that relationship between you and God, then your relationship between your husband or wife will be a benefactor of your relationship with God. We should not go into marriage, because of money or other material wants, but it should be based on “LOVE” and only “LOVE”, everything else that you receive after marriage would be a blessing from God.

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. This is what God said makes up a marriage “ Genesis 2:24- Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”.

“Matthew 19:4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female”.

When marriage is not made up with a man and a woman; for each other it is a sinful relationship. “Romans 1:20-31” and “Leviticus 18:22-23 .”

A great marriage begins with God, which means the man and the woman are spending their life trying to get to know God and His Word. They look to God as their God who will bless every need for all things. There is a dependence that should be established in building your relationship with God. We depend on God and not that His dependence is on us. God, has designed man to rule the world, God said subdue it, the world. Take control and make it fruitful by your works and multiply in it as you continued being fruitful and in My service.

But, we are not doing things the way that the Lord wanted us too, to carry out His commandments. We have destroyed a great process, to be fruitful and have taken the process to multiply into prostitution.

Follow God’s Word, we would think, only if it’s going to give me; What I want. It is hard to understand: What level or What is a round the corner. When you come on board with God. But if you are not on board with God, it will be uncontrollable for you to with stand the tide. If there is trials and problems along the way, you would begin forming, your reliance upon God: through your prayers and faith. As you pray day and night you would slowly start to understand; why it was important to establish your first relationship, with God; before you receive a husband or wife.

So, Now, what type of man, or woman should I be looking for? The example for what you should be; looking for in a man or woman is right in your home or in the bible. Your parents, if they are followers of Christ, look to them for answers to some of your questions, with God direction.

Too, much time is spent on acquiring material items, worldly possessions, and not enough time spent serving God, to be directed to finding that husband or wife.

The husband is in the image of Christ Jesus, and the wife represent, the church. Jesus, shed His blood for the church (all the people in the world) and when He comes again: He will be coming for the church (those that are following Him).

In our search for a husband or wife we must look at those characteristics of Christ in the man/woman that we meet. Far too, often it’s a physical attraction, our views; are physical, the spiritual side is not consider. Considering a man or woman for a spouse should be given some serious though: If we can take a step-back and revisit our position in relationship to God; them we have some sense of understanding that God can supply all our needs and allow us to have our wants.

The word “evenly yoke” means; that the man and the woman are in Christ: so when they married they both should and would have the same interest to continue serving God. This allows their marriage to benefit from their union with God. “Serendipity,” the making of lucky discoveries by chance.”

Michal D. Winters is the fifth of eight children. He was born in Connecticut and was ordained as a Deacon there in 1979, at St. James Baptist church. Michal accepted his calling to the Ministry ten years later, was licensed as a Minister in 1990, and was ordained in 1995, serving as the assistant to the Pastor at Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Massachusetts. A data processing system analyst, he is married with two daughters, and now live in North Carolina, and loves playing the drums, chess and listening to gospel music.


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