Cracking the Code of Possibilities in Business
Cracking the Code of Possibilities in Business
The Evolution of a New Command in Business in an Age of Creative Entrepreneurship
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If managers, innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs, and opinion leaders—especially the ones in emerging economies—read only one book, this should be it. Taiwo’s study of the lives of the giants of Western industries and the lessons to be gained from their lives are of utmost relevance to a world suffering from the boom and burst and the cycle of growth and depression characteristic of Western economy.

“This book is a must-read, particularly by the budding entrepreneurs. It is loaded with viable information and aimed at achieving practical and result-oriented actions for developmental and growth objective in this aspect. Taiwo’s effort in putting this book together is commendable. Let’s utilize it productively.”
—Otunba Ayan Kolawole, CEO,
Kolaris Services Group International, LLC
(Enterprise & Manpower Development Consultants),
Willingboro, New Jersey, USA

“I must commend the efforts, intellect and insight Taiwo have put into this book. One of the most important elements of Nigeria or any country at all becoming a great Nation is her Human Capabilities which makes Capacity Building a must. I will recommend that this book be used to teach in all Business Schools especially in ones that build and breed young Entrepreneurs ...Well Done.”
—Gbenga Akinyombo, Executive Director,
Subaru Motors Nigeria

Cracking the Code of Possibilities in Business is a lively, pungent and intellectually stimulating excursion into how Nigeria can rediscover and reposition itself in the comity of nations through innovation, institutional renewal and re-engineering in an era of globalization. Absolutely un-put-down-able.”
—Dr Femi Orebe, columnist for
The Nation on Sunday

The eight-chapter book delves extensively on engaging one’s thinking faculty to drive best practices in business, identifying through the application of Vacuum Analysis, gaps in existing business structures, market and other commercial environments and developing systems to latch in on the vacuum so identified through the evolvement of new ideas. The author makes use of practical examples of radical business initiatives developed by change agents all over the world to draw home the point that uncommon progress could be recorded by thinking outside the box. He further alludes to the common saying that man can only be limited by his own vision and mission. This highly intellectual, extremely practical and thoughtful piece will definitely be a powerful tool of drawing the best of thinking process out of existing and new business executives, entrepreneurs, development economists, management consultants, academia and the industry generally. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the book for the use of the identified interest groups and members of the larger society.

Taiwo Fajolu is a World Bank Group–trained consultant on sustainable development in developing countries and has been involved in training for a governmental youth empowerment campaign. He invented vacuum analysis, a value-driven and execution-oriented competence-development technique. He also facilitated the partnership of Newave Energy (Now ABB UPS) with the Nigeria partner.


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