Rendezvous with a Perfect Stranger
Rendezvous with a Perfect Stranger
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Betty Rollins Busch is a certified professional legal secretary. She’s a member of the Aiken Whiskey Road Chapter of South Carolina Writers Workshop (SCWW) and a former SCWW board member. Betty has published poems, essays, and short stories in numerous publications including anthologies such as Horizons, Catfish Stew, and Petigru Review. She’s an active member of South Aiken Presbyterian Church, PCUSA and lives a vibrant life that’s focused on her faith, family, friends, and straight on fun. She’s a lifelong resident of Aiken County, South Carolina. Betty and her late husband, Richard, were married for thirty-two years and have a son, Chris, a daughter, Allison, and six grandchildren. She now lives with her dachshund, Michelob, and two cats, Tiger and Precious.

Francine Bruckner recently ended her engagement with an unfaithful fiancé. Despite efforts to convince her roommates that she was not unhappy, she agreed to three blind dates. Widower Jackson Tanner, third and final date was perfect and the attraction between the two, undeniable, until she discovers she had mistaken him for the man she was supposed to meet. All efforts to distance themselves from each other fails, and the conflict and hilarity increases sentence by sentence as Jackson’s daughter, Meagan, determines to have Francine as her new mother. The 10-year old devises a new scheme daily in her quest. This romantic comedy keeps the reader laughing out loud from the first page to the last.

Francine Bruckner’s three roommates are convinced she’s sinking deep into a pit of despair as a result of her recent breakup with a longtime boyfriend. In order to satisfy their concerns, she agrees to go on three blind dates. When Jackson Tanner shows up at the designated place, Francine mistakes him for her third and final blind date. It was quickly obvious to Jackson that this is a matter of mistaken identity, but he was so intrigued and amused by this attractive woman, he went along without rectifying the error. Not until she arrived home did she realize she’d had a date with a perfect stranger—a widower and father of 10-year old Meagan. The attraction between Francine and Jackson is undeniable, but the conflict is strong and intense. Upon first sight, Meagan determines to make Francine her mother and devises daily schemes in her quest. The contrasting conflict and attraction increases and side-splitting hilarity continues throughout the story.
A great read,loved the conflict,laughs and the romance. A bestseller :)
FINALLY, a refreshing read to be enjoyed by anyone! There are no curse words,or vivid sexual details, like many of today's books. Only good clean Christian fun for any reader. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good, humorous, story without all the vivid details some authors seem to think are necessary to sell books in our society. This book should be especially popular with preteens who are just beginning to enter into adulthood.
Janet Swope Wade 
This was a delightful story! I loved the characters, and the author has the stage set for a sequel. I will look forward to reading her again, and I hope often.
Shelvia Beard 
This was a page turner, a sweet romance and a fun read. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel or her next novel.
Patsy K. Jarrett 

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