Gilda the Gluten Free Mouse
Gilda the Gluten Free Mouse
A Story About Living Gloriously With Celiac Sprue Disease
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Come join the adventures of Gilda, a little mouse, as she discovers that gluten is the reason that she has been so sick. Meet Silly Pat Shrew and enjoy her GF chocolate-chip cookie recipe.

Gilda the Gluten Free Mouse

Lived in Farmer Fred's House

When Farmer Fred went to Bed

The mice came out to eat

Cookies and Bread

But after eating her meal

She let out a squeal..............

Find out what happens when the family goes on vacation and visits cousin Silly Pat Shrew.

How they discover that Farmer Fred's crumbs were making Gilda so sick.

Enjoy the gluten free recipe at the end of the story.

Fred and I live Sandown NH, two of our three children have Celiac Sprue Disease. Lisa became very ill, going from Doctor to Doctor without an answer. How relieved we were to find that she could regain her health by eliminating gluten from her diet. Thanks Rachel, Myah, Bekah, Madi, Rori, Weston, & Wyatt for posing as characters.

What a wonderful way to educate children and adults alike. Congratulations to this author. The whole family loves this book and look forward to many more.
Barbara Maynard 

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