The Fidelity Test
The Fidelity Test
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Brian Wilkins finds his secretary dead in his office shower and decides not to call the police to report the death. He becomes a man on the run and steals the identity of a dead man. Though he successfully evades the law for a while, things crash to a halt when Pat Stewart, a private investigator, figures it all out. In trying to save himself, Brian lands in prison and in a mental hospital, losing everything he most valued—family, career, and reputation.

"Standing up, he bends over, grasps hold of the body, waddles with it, drags it, and shoves it inside the trunk."

"Would he be capable of murder? Would he, from now on lie, cheat, run, cover everything with a veil of deception to escape suspicion?"

"...Unless I am prepared to burn this body myself or cut it up in pieces and fly over the ocean dropping the body parts in many different areas of the ocean, it is not a workable plan."

"At 10:50AM Brian drove the large Mercedes gradually slowing to just the right spot to unload Denise's body and place in the rowboat."

Carolyn Spindler Kahn is a Wake Forest University graduate and the author of the Dossier-Dossenheimer Series. The Fidelity Test is her first published novel. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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