The Little Black Book of Wisdom for Men; How to Guard Against a Strange Woman
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"Blindsided" The Little Black Book Of Wisdom for Men How to Guard Against a Strange Women is a book that will awaken you to the truth of God's Word on the subject matter of desires between men and women that are not morally aligned with God, this book will give you and understanding that will revoke behaviors that have been challenging to break and give you clarity.

Jospeh was not taken by Potiphar's wife's eyes; he wasn't taken by her eyelids. He fled from her seductive plan (many men run to it) ------- which would have destroyed his life in terms of the blessing and favor that God had given to him from Potiphar. The realization when you abstain or I should say flee fornication/adultery you protect your life from being analyzed for any other trustworthy attributes which would detract many instead of attract many who would generally admire your sincere craftsmanship of honesty, integrity and discipline.

We take lightly men cheating and expecting the same position of honor, the bible says give honor to whom honor is due, which means esteem to the highest degree. The backlash of adultery is dishonor and demonstrates a picture of betrayal and deception which is a question of character not, oops I made a mistake, let me just side line for a moment, it takes careful planning and decisiveness to cheat or commit adultery, of course God forgives you when you repent and change from this, but initially it is not pleasant ot watch the decay that happens to all individuals involved, the building up again takes tremendous work.

Beverly Savage has taught the Word of God alongside her husband George Savage for over twenty years, she teaches and preaches in the authority of God, and she ministers to bring people out of their carnality and teach them to live by faith, building people up and on the Rock Of Ages - Jesus Christ.

Beverly has a modern day approach to addressing and bringing clarity on issues that matter from yet the foundation that answers. – The Bible

Her teachings captures and transcends into secular markets bringing interest from all walks of life, culturally, ethnically and financially.


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