What the Spirit Says to the Churches
What the Spirit Says to the Churches
A Commentary on Revelation 1-3
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Bible student and teacher Andrew J. Lindsey leads readers to an in-depth examination of the opening chapters of Revelation through this concise yet thorough commentary, which focuses on the original Greek words and phrases. During a time when Christians were under persecution from without and spiritual turmoil from within, the resurrected Christ appeared to the apostle John, bringing words of both challenge and comfort to the churches.

The words written to each of the seven churches [in Revelation 2-3] are applicable to churches today, just as in the rest of the New Testament words originally addressed to the churches in Corinth, Galatia, Phillipi, Collosae, etc., are applicable to churches today. Each of the letters in Rev 2-3 ends with the command, “Let he who has an ear hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” This indicates that the words addressed to each of the seven churches are revealed for the benefit of every church (“what the Spirit says to the churches”). Indeed, every Christian (“he who has an ear”) is accountable to heed the words to each of the seven churches.

Andrew Lindsey earned an MDiv in biblical and theological studies and a ThM from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Andrew has seven years of teaching experience in both public and private schools, from middle school through college, as well as fifteen years of teaching in the church (through various Sunday school classes, children’s church, and other venues). Andrew’s greatest passion in life is making the good news of the Lord Jesus known to those who have never heard it before and making this gospel message more clearly known to those who are already following Christ.


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