Knight of the Grail Code
Knight of the Grail Code
The Call to Christian Chivalry in a World of Growing Darkness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In an attempt to discover what has become hidden within the growing darkness of our society, Knight of the Grail Code examines the source of our natural, moral instincts and how following these transcendent morals can lead to physical, mental, and sociological health. We discover the source of our morality and find that--like the Grail--it gives us health and life. And also like the Grail, it is the quest for its discovery that reveals our true nature.

Mankind has an innate code of behavior that has been shown to promote physical, mental and emotional health not only in the individual, but in humanity as a whole. Science will tell us that this code is a product of survival and has developed over time as mankind has changed. We are also told by science that this behavioral code includes a spiritual aspect – and that connecting with our spirituality is not only healthy in many ways – but our brains are in fact especially made to do this.

In history, we have seen this code with many names and guises and with several slight changes but the basics are always the same. We see references to it in the Old Testament, the New Testament and in the Age of Chivalry as well as in the romances of the Grail legends. We still see it in the honor codes of our military. Unfortunately, it seems that in our current nihilistic society-at-large, this life-enhancing and life altering code is not even recognized.

Our world needs to rediscover this code--the code that brings with it spiritual gifts as well as the gift of health and well being for humanity. The gift of living by this code is the true Holy Grail, which is why we call it--the Grail Code. We need heroes in our world today--true heroes that live by the code. We need Knights of True Christian Chivalry--Knights of the Grail Code.

Too many of us are distracted by the world around us, leading us to apathy. Too many are being spoon-fed what we should and should not do by the rest of society and the media who have warped views on what acceptable morality really is. We know in our hearts what is acceptable, and we know that continuing our current course will end in our doom as a society, as a world.

In the early days of sailing, some of the maps showed the uncharted and dangerous territory with the warning ‘HC SVNT DRACONES’ (i.e. hic sunt dracones, meaning ‘here are dragons’) – and that is exactly where we are heading.

Rick Kasparek’s life is intrinsically tied to the promotion of a contemporary form of chivalry, a way of life that instills meaning and direction to those who are inspired by it. As a devoted Christian, fraternal knight, and Council Knight of the International Fellowship of Chivalry-Now, he is dedicated to the shedding new light on the chivalric ideal by promoting its Christian nature.

As a father and grandfather, he is concerned about the society our future generations will inherit. Can we change the world we live in through the inspiration of chivalric ideals? Can we fortify young people with a strong grasp of moral truth to prepare them for what is to come? Christian chivalry shows us the way.

I believe that there are many paths to modern chivalry. They may be secular, religious, or just the internal workings of conscience. Its values, its code of behavior, its sense of honor, reflect a sense of ideals that are innate. The new chivalry has the potential of uniting all people of open mind and good will.

The fine book, Knight of the Grail Code, authored by Rick Kasparek, provides an excellent guide toward chivalry from the Christian perspective. I have the pleasure of knowing Rick for several years now, and have encouraged him to write his thoughts down. His quick and solid accomplishment gives the reader an idea of how his words and ideas accumulated to the point of overflowing.

While he touches on chivalric history and uses biblical quotes to support his thesis, what he does best is reason with the reader to share a moral perspective that we all hold in common. Person-to-person. Soul-to-soul. I highly recommend it.

I will treasure my copy of his book, which will truly advance the new chivalry movement.

D. Joseph Jacques
Author of Chivalry-Now, The Code of Male Virtue, and The Deeper Quest
D. Joesph Jacques 
One of the greatest books on Knighthood & Chivalry from a Christian perspective that I have ever read. An ancient code much needed in the modern age. If you are serious about the Vocation of Knighthood' then this book is definitely for you. Brother Rick Kasparek has sounded 'The Call to Christian Chivalry in a world of growing darkness.....and I for one, plan to answer it.
Steven M. Forgette KtC, KtCN, KtGC 

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