Sunrays and Lily Smiles
Sunrays and Lily Smiles
(Sweet Memories of Poetry Cottage)
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In Sunrays and Lily Smiles, Liana Wendy Howarth has added to and included previous writings from her e-book, Fragrance from the Spring, a sweet collection of poetry for all ages.

Inside her Poetry Cottage, you’ll find something for everyone, from the little ones to the elderly, for the sick and for those who feel like there is no hope, or for those who just find great comfort in reading and rejoicing.

There’s a special room waiting for you. Come inside and feel love embrace you. Walk the garden and be immersed in heavenly fragrance. Stroll around the tranquil pond and see health and encouragement reflected. You will leave feeling refreshed and find your joy restored.

It’s a retreat for one, somewhere to share with best friends or a perfect place to enjoy a cherished family vacation, where you’ll be blessed with many treasured memories for years to come.


The sea foam, it rises

Breaking forth from the waves

The seagulls signify their presence

And the sand dunes, a path they pave

Follow the path with me

A quaint cottage rests quite near

With roses and sweet daffodils

Climbing trellises at the rear

Take a dreamy look with me

Through each exquisite window

Please seek a room that suits your needs

And there you’ll find joy and comfort

... like the promise in the rainbow

GRACE’S SONG I cannot begin to thank you Lord, for all you’ve done for me Found me, I was lost and wandering Led me to sweet Calvary’s tree Washed me in Pure Crimson River Washed me till I shone with grace Jesus, Jesus now I call You My dear Saviour, face to face Every day Your mercies fall new Oh! What beautiful mercies flow Flow down from Love’s sweet fountain Wash me daily white as snow So I lift my praise to heaven Ask forgiveness for all done wrong Forever thankful that You chose me And laid upon me Grace’s Song SNOWDROP AND LEMON Snowdrop bounced and bounced and bounced Lemon followed him, and he bounced too Up and down and down and up Round and round and round and round So much fun for snow-white, little ones Look there’s a butterfly fluttering past And there’s a pointed star, twirling round A puppy dog and pussycat too Come on Snowdrop Let’s run, run, run Ooh! It’s cold today, Lemon And the sky is so very blue Let’s find the others And they can play too Up and down, round and round These two little friends can’t believe what they’ve found Balls of every size and colour Elephants, giraffes, and hippos swirl Let’s catch them, run faster Lemon Reach out as far as your arms will go Let’s follow them shall we? Into lands of dreams unknown Up and down and down and up Look at the young ones go, go, go Wow! Did you see that, Snowy? It’s near your nose, and it’s coming fast No, don’t eat it The sweet, little butterfly is playing at last It must be time to go home, Lemon We’ll find our friends another day I’ll race you home So watch where your tread It’s slippery you know Do you want to know, shall I tell you? What do you think Snowdrop and Lemon are? And what about all of those shapes and animals? Ah! I think you already know They’re beautiful, little polar bear cubs And they’re having such a wonderful time Up and down and down and up In and out and all about You see they’re chasing snowflakes As white as can be But with their vivid imagination There’s lots to see Many things can be imagined In clouds and trees and flowers But on this very cold, crisp morning Snowdrop and Lemon found snowflakes Waiting for them And falling softly onto their little, cold noses

Originally from the beautiful county of Devon in England and now residing in Australia, I am a wife, mother, daughter, animal lover, and ex-nurse. Writing has been a passion of mine since 1999, when my mind was flooded initially with children’s poetry. This, over the years, has blessedly become inspirational.


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