The Avenue
The Avenue
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A little farm girl wakes up to a beautiful morning, grabs her favorite doll, and together they walk down The Avenue to the big house where the farm owners live. Her mother has warned her never to go close up to the big house because her dad is just one of their workers. The little girl sees visions of Jesus on her walk as she struggles to understand why the big house is off limits to her.

Then, there it was - - The Avenue. There were lines of oak trees, one row on each side of the two-lane pavement. The driveway appeared to go on and on forever as it went into the point of a V. Two strong stone columns stood at the beginnings of the V. I knew the “big house” was at the end of the V, but all I could see now was a white speck.

The light shone through the trees from the left over to the right side of the road. It made me think that Jesus Himself was there glowing with that stream of light. It reminded me of that picture at church where Jesus had light shining all around him.

Linda obtained her Bachelor, Masters, and Rank I degrees from the University of Louisville. She is a retired elementary public school teacher. She uses her personal life experiences and faith in God to write encouraging literature for youngsters. She lives in Lagrange, KY with her husband, Gilbert. They have two adult daughters and three grandchildren.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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