Tweety and the Pig
Tweety and the Pig
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Still watching behind the fence, Tweety said, “Daddy, Daddy, let me in! I can catch the pig.” 


Papa Daniels said, “No, No, Tweety. You are too little. Wait until you get big.”




Tweety and the Pig is a special story because it is written about the author’s mother, Isabelle Daniels Holston, a 1956 World Class Olympic Medalist. In this story, she is better known as Tweety, a girl who wants to work on her father’s farm with her brothers. Everytime she askes her father to work on the farm, she is always told “NO”, because she is not big enough. All of a sudden, something happens on the farm with an unruly pig, and Papa Daniels discovers Tweety’s gift of running.

Tweety wanted so badly to help on the farm too, but Papa Daniels would say, "No No, Tweety. You are too little. Wait until you get big." Papa Daniels was afraid she would get hurt, so Tweety spent many sad days sitting on the steps by herself, watching her brothers work on the farm. Papa Daniels was afraid she would get hurt.


Tweety didn't understand why her daddy would not let her work on the farm too.  Tweety knew she could help with some things on the farm.  She had to be big like her brothers, but with everyday that passed by, it seemed like Tweety was still little and she would never get a chance to work on the farm.


Tweety was a very quiet child, and she said her prayers every night, but one night, Tweety didn't say anything, she just cried. Tweety didn't have to say a word, God knew all about it.


One day Tweety was sitting on the steps as usual, watching her brothers work on the farm.  All of a sudden a pig escaped from the pig pin, and ran into Ma Vera's garden. The pig started stepping all over the collard greens, turnips, tomatoes, and green peppers that Ma Vera had planted.


"Oh! No! Look!"Papa Daniels, as he pointed to the garden.  "One of the pigs done got out again!"Papa Daniels had to think fast before the pig destroyed all the vegetables in the garden. 


Tweety's brothers heard Papa Daniels and rushed over to see what was wrong. This time, Tweety got up and ran to the garden to see what was going on, but she stood behind the fence and watched so she would not get into trouble.

Kezia Holston graduated from Decatur High School, and she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Kennesaw State University. She likes to write children’s stories to help her young readers understand one another, encourage one another, love each other, and grow in their relationships with God. After all, Kezia is learning and growing each day in her relationship with God and others, too.


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