Beyond the Ceiling
Beyond the Ceiling
A Fresh Perspective for Winning!
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Beyond the Ceiling has wasted no time in exposing the underbelly of failure in this thrilling masterpiece. A product of several years of research, this book is laced with nuggets of wisdom never before used, boasting a unique resonance with the audience.

Written in clear, unambiguous, and flowing language, this book forthrightly addresses the transition-trapped adult grappling with the challenges of limited finances, joblessness, and battling discouragement from work, school, and the trappings of a modern world.

Borrowing just enough from real-life accounts, author Patrick Otuoma has carefully weaved wit and experience into a captivating fervor sufficient to unravel a fresh perspective for winning!

It is all the more fascinating that this book has provided a quick reference section at the close of every chapter, which goes a long way in reinforcing the central message through recap and flashback.


‘‘To distract is to destruct’’

The lens is not your ordinary glass. It is a kind of glass with an ability of focus. It concentrates energy both light and heat to a focal centre. This is the genius of focus. The moment you project rays onto a lens, it reciprocates by concentrating those same rays to a focal point resulting in intense energy and may sometimes result in a fire. Try the same on a piece of paper and notice the imminence of focus. The sun is a great source of energy. However, it is not until we employ the genius of focus that its rays may be stepped up into substantive energy for greater impact.

There are occasions when success demands nothing but focus. It is that critical ability to remain engrossed on the assignment at hand with an aim of releasing unprecedented outcomes. Typical molecular motion results in a multidirectional movement and an imminent loss of energy. The only means to generate inertia and confront the challenge of the moment is to concentrate on that which is billed as critical.

Undivided attention yields stellar performance and produces stars! It is upon the lynch pin of focus that every thunderbolt firms up its hold.

The greatest solvent of quality is distraction. That the division of focus is the premier cause of distraction is no hidden secret. Whenever both mental and physical capacities are confined to a point, then a clear path of goal pacification becomes visible. Research has revealed that when oxygen is shut out of all other minor processes and concentrated to the task at hand, then the most of who we are can be easily unleashed. The tunnels of life are unique and unprecedented. Yet each one of us has their share of tunnels to grope through. Occasionally, we’ll experience darkness through our tunnels. During these moments however, we must never lose focus, lest we hit the pitfalls and drift away.

Through these forays, we must never concentrate on the din and jeers for these will certainly contribute to the constant drifting of focus. It is important to manage the journey and hold to modicum and peace.

The world today has several focus drifters; So much more than in all the previous generations combined. It has become more difficult than ever before to keep the mind focused.

These drifters, I beg your pardon include the century old television and radio. It isn’t surprising that these gadgets have invaded our lives so much so that no room in our homes has been spared their reach.

The modern family has today admitted the television set into every corner of their homes. In my routine electrical services design, majority of clients have often insisted that television outlets be provided in every room- bedroom, lounges, dining and other non conventional areas.

As the information age asserts its boisterous influence; several folks are always eager to keep their tech-savvy egos keen. Distraction has become handier today than ever before. We’ve got an entire generation tugging iPods, talking over Skype and possibly downloading videos on the tube. Most houses today are perky for days on end. Presently, silence has become a foreign word in most homes.

The lifeblood of focus is concentration and a call to focus is a subtle call to practice concentration. Life in Africa offers the continent a rare opportunity to appreciate the African eagle and its superior record in preying. The eagle hones its ability to concentrate from a tender age.

When aiming for a kill, the eagle must train their sights on prey several yards below. Despite the open skies, an eagle has an amazing success rate with every hunt. It is therefore not surprising that an eagle can focus on its target from a mile away. Apart from great vision, probably five times better than the human eye, the eagle successfully conceals her shadow from prey. These skills make the eagle dominant in the soaring heights.

Like the mother-eagle, parents must coach their own children on the life lessons of concentration. Loss or lack of concentration is traceable to restlessness and impatience- obvious signs of fading attention.

Parents and other guardians must take in some vital lessons. Firstly, there has to be a particular family hour, at which time every electronic gadget is to be turned off. Above all, every parent must take full control of entertainment in their own houses.

Unfortunately for many, most houses have found in the last born kid the undisputed deejay, taking entertainment to the next level. These kids superintend over the remote control from the early cartoon days through to teenage years, and do not make matters any better for the family unit. In fact, it is a habit that corrupts the family order and sponsors untold chaos.

Best practice would require incorporation of programmes in our schools’ syllabi to help students regain their waning concentration. This should be every parent’s investment. REMEMBER

Success demands focus

Undivided attention yields stellar performance and produces stars

The greatest solvent of quality is distraction

The lifeblood of focus is in concentration

Patrick Otuoma holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nairobi. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Arts in Projects Planning and Management at the same university. Apart from his engineering practice, the author has continually given motivational talks and lectures to students and various work groups across East Africa.


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