From Zero to Infinity
From Zero to Infinity
The Mathematics of Success
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From Zero to Infinity is an effective and practical guide to reach your goals. We all came to this world with a purpose, and this book will help you set goals to achieve your dreams and purpose from God’s perspective. From Zero to Infinity represents the author’s journey. Any person’s insatiable search for earthly goals and objectives should culminate with an encounter that leads him to eternity—the largest goal that we can ever hope to achieve: our encounter with Jesus.

The book you have in your hands did not appear out of thin air. Rather, its origins lie in years of frustration, hopelessness, unknowns and unfulfilled desires; the lowest rung on the ladder to success: zero.

Writing involves sharing, which is why I invite you to look through the following pages and delve into my world. There, I hope to share a myriad of experiences with you, some real and others imaginative illustrations. FROM ZERO TO INFINITY will attempt to explain the relationship between nothingnesss and everythingness, employing the concept of infinity as a guide. It will try to distinguish between scarcity and abundance, between the human and the divine.

The following pages will provide you with some explanations, and as we move forward together in our journey, I will show you that the most important thing in life is to keep growing until we are able to achieve our full potential; some refer to this systematic advance as progress. 


My main objective in sharing these lessons with you is to demonstrate that all human ideals and dreams have a starting point and an end point, also known as a goal. And all goals are equally valid within this model; you may aim to lose weight, or perhaps you aspire to be accepted to Harvard University. Either way, I hope that this guide will help you make your goals a reality. 

I have always admired the struggles of those who have fought to reach their goals. That's why I will not stop at sharing my own personal experiences; I will also discuss other people’s stories, people who, just like you and me, once lived under the pressure of intense frustration, extreme poverty and despair, or great agony. Many of them conveyed their values to us using key phrases. Today, we quote and repeat those adages which motivate us to keep moving forward.

Mathematics is the perfect tool for illustrating the application of abstract concepts to everyday life in a way that is practical and makes sense. And mathematics is said to be a perfect science. It doesn’t matter if it was your favorite class in school, or if you’re not a big fan of math. Regardless, I hope that by the end of our journey, you are able to see the other side of this science: the mathematics of success.

 I once read that, “Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.” I hope this book enriches your life and helps you to grow.

 Zero symbolizes beginnings, so I congratulate you, because you've started a new chapter in your life and I encourage you to enjoy every day of it.

Despite his humble beginnings, Edwin DePaula has reached his dreams and professional goals. Edwin has worked as network engineer for the City of New York and the City of Yonkers, as well as for private institutions. He has also worked as an adjunct professor of network communications. He has shared his life with his wife, Brenda, for almost a decade. God has blessed their union with twin sons, Christian and Christopher. Today, the author is a master’s degree candidate at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, while he also writes professionally and speaks at seminars and lectures.


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