Renee's Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight
Renee's Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight
I'll Write Our Wrongs!
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Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic accounts designed to have colorblind justice, hear the truth, touch freedom, taste love, and smell the Rose of Sharon. This book is written with such conviction that it is sure to cleanse the soul, mend the broken heart, and ultimately transform one’s mind.

Still I Write

(The Answer to: Dr. Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”)

Maya, of course they wrote you down in history,

You proved them wrong in truth,

But you planted for me calligraphy,

So I’m heard on paper all the way to God’s celestial roof!

My passion for writing does upset them,

But I can’t be concerned,

Cause you left for me a gift from God,

And it’ll be forever writing that I yearn.

Just like God’s Raven leaving the Ark,

‘She’ flew to and fro,

Until the waters were dried up from off the earth,

Because of you, I’ll forever write in the skies, seas and dirt; for certain this I do know.

I was that broken soul,

And bowed so low to Satan’s pit,

With nowhere to get; but up,

I allowed my pen to place me within God’s Script (ure).

I know my writings excite you,

And with God for you, who can be against us, in giving me that nod,

I finally hear your words loud and clear,

The poems you left behind are messages of truths, minus the facades.

Some have shot my writings to pieces,

While others have damaged me over time,

But God; sends a ram in a bush, ink, a quill, and wrote for me Ecclesiastes 3

He Author’s the time and place with limited ‘seasons’ for their hurtful rhymes.

From the shame you told me to write,

I write,

From the pain you told me to write,

I write,

I am that Raven Blackbird with a large wingspan,

“Renee’s Poems With Wings Are Words In Flight”; flying all over God’s land,

I too want to leave behind my unhealthy fears,

So in the dark, I write,

But in the light, I see the imagery our ancestors gave to you; which you passed onto me,

Maya you are the dream, Barack Obama was the hope, and I am the slave set free (to write).

Still I write,

I write,

I’ll write.

Author: Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown; Dedicated To: A Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown was born in North Carolina (Marine Brat) at Camp Lejeune, U.S. Naval Hospital; to wonderful parents: Mr. & Mrs. Peter Charles Drummond of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She refers to her parents as being the sole reason behind her strength but God is the wind beneath her wings. Renee’ has traveled to Kenya, Africa on a Missions trip and has lived across the states on various Military Bases, including Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Renee’s siblings are Delbert Dwayne Drummond and the Late Pastor Shawn Charles Drummond.

The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry, (CUBM) will forever hold precious memories for Renee’. Renee’ was grateful to serve as class President and for her alma mater where she earned her Degree in Christian Ministry, December ‘2014’. She has continued on a straight and narrow path furthering her educational pursuit of excellence at Geneva College of Pennsylvania in Christian Ministry Leadership, with a Minor in Biblical Theology Studies. She is married and refers to her spouse, Cardell Nino Brown Sr., as her soul mate and ‘very’ best friend. The couple has three children: Cardell Nino Brown Jr., Renee’ Barbara-Ann Brown, and Raven Chardell Brown.

While at CUBM, Renee’s writing career blossomed into “Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight,” a phrase that eloquently coins her work. She is an accomplished poet. The dominant themes of her writings are spiritually based. She has been led to write about Black History, The Civil Rights Movement, Slavery, Family and The African American Woman, who at times is taken for granted. Drummond-Brown has published three poems; one of which was written for the Original Freedom Singer of The Civil Rights Movement; the legendary Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, titled: Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, Eyes off the Prize, Is it I Lord? as well as her first book titled: Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight; all of which are published by Judith Hampton-Thompson Publisher, The Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Inc., Albany, Georgia. Renee’s poetry has been used for various occasions, across God’s seas in Albany, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tulum, Mexico, and Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Although much of Renee’s time is spent at Geneva College, her love for creative writing is undoubtedly displayed through her very unique style of poetry. When asked by others about her writing style, Renee’ posts “God’s ‘Word’ in The Holy Bible; King James Version, inspires my writings; thereby making my poetry very different and unconventional”. Renee’ credits her writings to the following: God before all else, her English Professor: Ms. Lydia Bright for taking her writing up a notch from creative to an Academic style of approach, Dr. John Stanko: for building her confidence and challenging her to want to write more, Ms. Rutha Mae Harris; for always encouraging her to continuously write, Dr. Todd Allen in coaching her as it relates to public speaking about her writings, Barbara (mom) and Terri Drummond for always being those extra eyes and ears, when needed in the late night hours, Mrs. Judith Hampton-Thompson Publisher; The Metro Gazette, for believing in her work before all others, and finally her husband, who puts the final seal of approval on everything she writes. Inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou Renee’ pledges this “STILL I WRITE, I WRITE AND I’ll WRITE”!

Lovely piece of work! Very nice read. Excellent use of imagery. Fabulous author. Love her unique, Urban Style. Big fan of her work!
Krista S Clark  
Absolutely stunning and breath taking. The author doesn't disappoint while uplifting but also relating to everyday struggles. I would recommend this book to everyone I meet and know.
Sierra Dykes  
This is a MUST HAVE for any poet, mother, student of black history, student of God, philosopher and spiritualist, for anyone curious about heritage and for anyone seeking purpose. An INCREDIBLE collection of MUST-READS! Each and every poem fits deservedly under the daringly strong title - Renee's poems deliver. I have been educated AND inspired. Such thought provoking poetry that makes you stop and focus on what you're reading as well as to consider what it means to yourself.

Renee's style is innovative, I love how she uses grammar and font for added emphasis which provides a platform in your own mind to thINK in ways I haven't seen in poetry before. Anyone to purchase this super quality book will NOT be disappointed, these "Words in Flight" will give you wings AND inspiration.
Anna Fletcher 
I think that Author poetess Renee Drummond- Brown is a awesome poetess she writes from the heart and soul. I believe she has a god given talent to write reality based poetry and poetry that touches the heart and soul as well as the mind. I am honored to be her friend and able to write a awesome book review for her.A
cindy toth 
Now I read this book and I Loved it so muc. So never stop your writing. Keep doing what GOD has you doing. And remember to send me a COPY. Love Sheila Williams
Sheila williams 
The pages of Renee's poems introduce us to love. Love is kind, love does not hurt but love has some lessons for us to learn. This book is filled with gems that encourage us to shine if we keep the faith and positive energy in and around us moving. These poems are powerful representations of the author and spiritual anchor...
De'Velma Coleman zW Jchf 
Renee's poem are crafted to move the spirit. Her words eloquently written speak to the deepest emotion within. This is a must have. I would highly recommend this authors work.
Renee's poems are spiritual,inspirational and thought provoking, they touch the very soul of humankind.
Shirley Craig 

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