A Procedure to Die For
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The United States of America is searching for love, unity and peace within its borders, and she has attempted to manufacture it through her political and social experiments. Unfortunately, hatred, disunity and chaos still exists, and it appears to get worse with each waking moment. Human intellect has failed this nation time and time again in trying to rescue her from self-inflicted wounds. Racelift offers this nation a proven way to love and unify her people and remove chaos from her borders.

Racelift will introduce America's citizens to the God of Love, Prince of Peace, and Spirit of Unity. The six-point procedure will help America's citizens discover their purpose, values, and vision. This discovery will help America grow in cognitive fortitude, social responsibility, physical fitness, and spiritual discipline. America will love again, unite again, and experience peace again. As a result, America will be Great Again!

Racelift encourages each race to evaluate its existence and raise its standard of living to one that conforms to God's paradigm. To know God and his will, members of every race must first know his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus' life is the perfect example to follow to be victorious over sin, which leads to death. The one book that best describes Jesus's life is the Bible (the Word of God). This is where each race must go to truly know him. Racelift encourages each race to look hard and deep into the mirror, where it will discover heaven's mysteries, which are hidden from this world. In the mirror, each race can discover its new identity and its new way of life. The race that accepts the Word of God as its standard and obeys its message positions itself to win in all areas of life. Whether at home, in the community, or at church, each race can achieve victory as it models the life of Jesus. Victory is God's gift to those who choose to believe in his Son and follow the instructions found in his Word. God will fill all areas that are lacking as each race seeks him with an open heart and an obedient spirit.

Racelift gives practical but godly solutions to prevent people from forgetting who they are. It is comprised of six steps that are essential to living in victory:

1. Enter the Examination Room: Identify Deadly Symptoms and Determine a Diagnosis.

2. Decide to Change: Proceed with Surgery.

3. Pre-operative Care: Prepare for Surgery

4. Surgery: Equip to Live in Victory

5. Awaken to the New You: Become Aware of Your Strengths

6. Post-operative Care: Follow-up Care and Instructions

To receive the desired results of victory, each race must take full responsibility for its actions. Racelift eliminates victim qualities, such as excuses, blame, and entitlement. Winners see past obstacles. Barriers are looked upon as opportunities to strengthen each race as it competes in the game of life. Winners focus on developing and strengthening themselves to conquer challenges. Losers detest challenges and tend to focus on obstacles set up to deter forward progress. By blaming others or situations for lack of progress, races give themselves an excuse to fail. They can feel better about their plight, because the system controls their destiny. As personal responsibility lessens, finger pointing intensifies, but this goes against the way of Christ. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye" (Matthew 7:3–5, NIV).

Every culture has its share of bad habits, ill behavior, sin, spots, and blemishes. Only God can provide the resources for change to occur. God will entrench his winning qualities within each race to overcome their sin nature. As we examine the African American community, we will notice the strengths and weaknesses of a fascinating people. This race survived over 250 years of slavery and segregation, but it has allowed the remnants of those eras to affect its identity and destiny. The residual effects of past scars linger in the culture today. Envy, anger, and hate, once targeted at others, now manifests among members within the black community. African Americans are searching for redemption from past and present circumstance. They are seeking alternative ways to improve their living conditions. Impoverished and crime-infested neighborhoods, inadequate school districts, and dysfunctional homes afflict many black communities.

There is no denying that past events, such as slavery, and present circumstance have made it quite easy for society to propagate insults toward a vulnerable people. Unfortunately, African Americans have embraced the insults, and they have allowed society to shape their culture through a stereotypical reconfiguration of their identity, intelligence, morality, and ambitions. For over a century, society has labeled African Americans as unintelligent, promiscuous, and unmotivated. Black people have chosen to listen to society's voice and echo society's wrongful depiction of their race.

To revitalize their self-worth, African Americans have searched for their own identity through position, popularity, possessions, and performance. They are experimenting with these empty sources to find their identity, but such temporary fillers have left them feeling lost, empty, and uneasy, all because they do not know who they are or what they believe. The unknown can fill a race with false precepts and generalizations that harm its self-image and self-worth.

When emptiness sets in, it is harder to concentrate efforts toward a path that brings personal and collective fulfillment. Goals and objectives are skewed, and clear thought is compromised. African Americans are chasing the American Dream with misdirected thoughts. They have not sought wise counsel, and they are arrogantly relying on their own inclinations to walk through life. Many members of this community have developed lethal relationships with sex, drugs, hip-hop and gangster culture, and prison life. These dysfunctional affiliations bring confusion and dissent to a delicate people. A race that suffers from an identity crisis frequently makes unhealthy and irrational decisions. In some instances, deadly relationships are accepted and even valued. The miscue of thought and behavior can provoke emotional trauma. Not knowing who you are or your purpose for living is unsettling. African Americans have festered in this state for far too long.

ough this book, America's races will gain an awareness of truths that lead to spiritual wholeness. The Racelift procedure will help them resolve their identity issues and build new, healthy, and consecrated behavior. A race is bound to experience victory as it follows the Racelift model. This is a winning model, because it is inspired by the Word of God.

Myron Guillory is the director of an in-home personal care agency that assists elderly and developmentally disabled adults in Southwest Louisiana. He is a former collegiate basketball player and coach. Myron currently resides in Lafayette, LA with his wife, Courtney, and their two children. He actively serves at his local church.


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