God of the Storm
God of the Storm
There Stood by Me This Night
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“So when the ship was caught, and could not head into the wind, we let her drive” (Acts 27:15). The meaning here is that the storm was so powerful they surrendered control of the ship to the storm. This book has been in the making for over twenty years. I have observed and experienced the storms of life, the unplanned and unexpected changes that blow into our lives and change the direction we were going. Everyone experiences storms in their lives. Storms can be caused by your own conduct or by the actions of others. Storms can be a satanic attack or just the events of life. It is difficult to see God’s plans in the storm. However, if He has a job for us to accomplish for Him, He will bring the circumstances into our lives to take us where He wants us. “For there stood by me this night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve” (Acts 27:23). What a wonderful promise! We do not go through the storms of life alone! He is always with us. Remember the storms of life are never bigger than the God we serve!

Every experiences the "Storms of Life" The question is how do you know the storm is not taking you where God wants you to go?

Burliss is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary, where he earned his master’s degrees and his doctor of ministry degree. He has been in the ministry for over thirty-five years. He is the author of From Ruins to Rebuilding.


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