One for the Heart
One for the Heart
A Collection of Poems
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In One for the Heart: A Collection of Poems, Pastor Raye Jones thanks the Lord for His goodness and for saving him at the age of nine at a revival in his hometown church, Lebanon United Methodist Church in Rawlings, Virginia. His poems talk of his faith in God and his belief that it is only through God's love that we can truly live a faith-filled good life. He writes of the true meaning of friendship and the beauty of eternal love whether for a friend or a family member.

Raye believes the main anchor in his life is the four chapters a day he reads and studies in in his King James Version Bible, along with his daily prayer time, soul-winning, preaching, and teaching. It is through his poetry that he is able to fully express his love for God, Jesus, and his fellow man.

One for the Heart is a collection of verse that expresses one man's love for God and his fellow man as it explores the true meaning of a true friend.

“Raye Jones is. . . . a great giver to the work of God.”

—Dr. Michael D. McClary, pastor/founder of the Good Samaritan Ministries, Richmond, Virginia

One for the Heart

You are one for the heart

With the care you show

The concern you always bear

The extra miles you always go

You are one for the heart

To give the right spoken word

To open the door to a smile

To love and talk of the Lord

You are one for the heart

When the storm clouds move in

You see the storm on the way

You are the heart’s True Friend

You are one for the heart

That God made with His hands

For a country boy to be encouraged

For a country boy to be able to stand

You are one for the heart

And no matter where the road goes

This heart will never forget you

This heart will always let you know

That you are one for the heart

You can never be replaced

One word from you changes everything

One word provides strength and grace

And, as one for the heart

In this country boy’s life

I can never thank or repay you

But, do or die, I MUST TRY

Words can never explain to you

The encouragement you are to me

I pray God’s best blessings upon you

I know God does greatly care for thee

G. Raye Jones • October 17, 2008

He Remembered Me

I took a walk along those Jerusalem streets

Where my Saviour lived and walked

I heard others tell stories of Him

And how He lived and of what He talked

I went to where I could see those olive trees

And how they never died but lived on and on

And I saw the place where He knelt and prayed

And begged for God’s will, not His own

I went to the Pool of Siloam that they found

Where the blind man washed and could see

And I walked beside the Pool of Bethesda

Where the lame man after 38 years was set free

I went to the place of the skull in the rock

And saw the hill where they crucified Him

And I stepped into the tomb that was new

Where the cold hand of death couldn’t stop His rising again

But of all the places that overwhelmed my heart

And of all the truths I was brought to recall

There is one thing that ignited me in the greatest way

And humbled my heart more than anything else at all

You see I never realized the distances Christ travelled

And how much of an evangelist He was

Until we rode for hours from place to place

And I realized all the many, many miles He walked

You see, Christ was truly an evangelist

That travelled on foot everywhere that He did go

He must have blessed so many people

But the total blessings, the book of John says we don’t know

But those blessings will never outdo the one blessing

That Christ made me realize while walking in Israel on my feet

That when He gave His disciples their Matthew 28 command

To take His message to the Gentiles, He did so becauseHe remembered me!

G. Raye Jones • February 15, 2011

G. Raye Jones was born in a tenant house in Rawlings, Virginia, and worked in tobacco fields until he left for college. Raye earned a BA and JD from University of Virginia and a Master of Laws degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law. He is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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