Condensed Book of the New Testament
Condensed Book of the New Testament
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you ever sat down to read the Bible, only to find yourself overwhelmed?

 There are sixty-six books in the Bible that make up the ‘Greatest Story ever told.’ The Old Testament contains thirty-nine books, and the New Testament contains twenty-seven books. You want to read and understand them, but you find them challenging to the point that you give up. You are not alone.

 Author Ellen Childs’ Condensed Book of the New Testament will help you more fully understand those twenty-seven books and the story they tell. Childs condenses almost every major event from the New Testament into a manageable and easily understood format. Jesus’ miracles, parables, and teachings are grouped together from
all four gospels.

 The Condensed Book of the New Testament will make the Bible come alive as never before. You can easily read this entire book in a week, but read it again and again, because you will learn something new every time you read it. It is my prayer that you will be encouraged to read "The Rest of the Book – the Bible; the Inspired Word of God!" This guide to the Bible will change your life.


Jesus Cast Out Demons Mark 1:21-28 and Luke 4:31-36: Jesus Cast Out an Evil Spirit: Jesus was teaching people in the synagogue at Capernaum. Everyone was amazed that He taught with such authority. A man was there who had an evil spirit. He shouted in a loud voice, “Leave us alone, Jesus of Nazareth! Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are, Holy One of God!” Jesus rebuked the evil spirit, “Be quiet and come out of him!” The evil spirit threw the man down, cried out with a loud voice, and came out of him. Everyone was amazed and said among themselves, “What’s the meaning of this that the evil spirits even obey Him?” The news about Jesus spread very quickly in the entire area of Galilee. Matthew 8:16-17, Mark 1:32-34, and Luke 4:40-41: Healing the Sick and Demon-Possessed at Evening: The evening after Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law, sick people were brought to Him, and He healed every one of them. Many of the people were demon-possessed, and the demons came out, shouting, “You are Christ, the Son of God.” Jesus commanded the demons not to speak, because they knew Jesus was the Christ. Matthew 8:28-34: Jesus Cast Out Demons, and They Entered a Herd of Swine: In the area of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men lived in burial caves. They were so dangerous that people were afraid to go near them. Jesus passed by, and they shouted to Him, “What do we have to do with You, Son of God? Did you come here to torment us before the right time?” A herd of swine was at a distance, and the demons begged Jesus, “If you cast us out of these men, please let us go into that herd of swine.” Jesus said to them, “Go!” So the demons left the men and went into the herd of swine. The entire herd rushed down the hill into the lake and drowned. The men watching after the herd went into town and told everyone what had happened. Then the entire town went to Jesus and begged Him to leave their area. Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39: A Demon-Possessed Man: Jesus and His disciples went to the other side of the lake, where the Gerasene people lived. A man who was possessed by an evil spirit lived there in the burial caves. People often used chains to tie the demon-possessed man’s hands and feet, but he always broke them loose. No one was strong enough to control him. He wandered around the burial caves day and night, screaming and cutting himself with stones. When the man saw Jesus coming, he ran to Him, fell at His feet, and shouted in a loud voice, “What do I have to do with You, Son of God Most High? Don’t torment me!” Jesus said, “You unclean spirit, come out of this man!” Jesus asked the spirit, “What is your name?” He said, “My name is Legion, for we are many spirits. If you cast us out, send us into the pigs!” A herd of about 2,000 pigs were on a hill eating, so Jesus cast the evil spirits out of the man, and they went into the pigs. The pigs ran into a nearby lake and drowned. The people taking care of the pigs reported this in the countryside and to people in town. They came and begged Jesus to leave. However, the man who was freed from the demons was sitting there in his right mind. He wanted to get in the boat and go back to Galilee with Jesus, but Jesus said to him, “Go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you.” So the man left and told everyone what Jesus had done for him, and they were all amazed. Matthew 9:32-34: Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Mute: A demon-possessed man who couldn’t talk was brought to Jesus. Jesus cast the demon out of the man, and he was able to speak. The crowd was amazed and said, “We have never seen anything like this in Israel.” But the Pharisees said, “It’s the prince of demons that gives Him power to force demons out.” Matthew 12:22-32 and Luke 11:14-23: Healing a Demon-Possessed, Blind, and Mute Man: A deaf, dumb, and blind man who had a demon was brought to Jesus. Jesus healed the man, and he began to talk and see. All the people were amazed and said, “Is this Man the Son of David?” When the Pharisees heard this, they said, “He uses the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils to cast out devils.” Jesus said to them, “Every kingdom that’s divided against itself is brought down. Every city or family that’s divided against itself will not stand. Anyone who isn’t for Me is against Me. Anyone who doesn’t work with Me works against Me. People can be forgiven for speaking against the Son of Man, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit now or in the age to come will not be forgiven.”

Ellen Childs has spent more than fifty years as a mentor and teacher in church. During that time, she has worked to make the Bible easier for Christians to understand. She and her husband, James D. Childs, live in Lavonia, Georgia. They have two children and four grandsons. Her entire family is actively involved in the same church with Ellen and her husband.


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