When You Pray
When You Pray
Sermons on the Lord's Prayer
Perfect Bound Softcover
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These sermons can be read as devotional reflections upon our Lord’s Prayer. Originally addressed to the people of the First United Methodist Church in Martin, Tennessee, they will edify other Christians in various settings and walks of life.
Let us remember that we are always learning how to pray our Lord’s Prayer. While we may learn the words in our early childhood, we only can pray—truly pray—as Jesus teaches us in the Holy Spirit. Each Sunday Jesus gives us his prayer anew. We become as children when we pray together these words in worship or when we pray them alone in our lives with God. The early church theologian Origen says it beautifully when he writes that we pray in hope that “the whole of our life says, ‘Our Father.’” Thus we should never tire of praying our Lord’s Prayer, because we will never exhaust it. Indeed, it would be quite easy to preach yet another series of sermons on our Lord’s Prayer with little repetition. --from the Introduction of the book.

Randy Cooper was born into a farm family near Humboldt, Tennessee. The youngest of four children, Randy planned to farm with his brother before God called him into the ordained ministry.

Randy has been a United Methodist pastor for over 37 years. He has served congregations in upstate New York, west Tennessee, and western Kentucky. Randy and his wife Gayle have been blessed with two daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren. He understands his ministry to be one of building up the Body through the priestly work of worship, sacrament, preaching, pastoral care, and service.


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