Living In God
Living In God
Contemplative Prayer and Contemplative Action
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In addition to learning practices to dispose yourself to God's presence, you will be able to describe the experience and then live out of it.

You will also learn a method for tracking your actions and over a period of time learn how God is moving in your life and to where God may be calling you.

There are two tools that are effective in disposing yourself to God's presence and it is important to know the two obstacles that keep you from remaining in that presence. Aware of these tools and obstacles, you will be better able to deal with the difficulties that arise and rest more tranquilly in God's presence. From this state of presence, you will learn ways to put the experience into choices that are made in the course of your day. As you track a week or a month's actions, you begin to note patterns that become part of a discerning God's call to you.

Father Nicholas has personally practiced contemplative prayer for 45 years and has led retreat and parish missions with this focus for many years. Ordained in 1970, he is a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and involved full-time in contemplative ministry. A graduate of the Shalem Institute in Washington, he has served as adjunct faculty at the Institute and also as a member of the Spiritual Formation Department at St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is an Associate of Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina where he leads contemplative retreats and was the co-founder of the Mepkin Priest Wellness Program, a program for priest wellness. After more than 20 years serving as a pastor in Maryland, he spends much of his time ministering to people of all religious faiths who have a longing for God and a desire to live out of that presence. He resides in rural Southeastern Pennsylvania, amid the Amish and Mennonites, where he spends time in silence and reflection. He has studied in Rome and Jerusalem. His ministry includes leading retreats, parish missions, and days of recollection. He has Masters degrees in Counseling and in Theology, and a Doctorate in Educational Administration.


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