Leave Me Alone!
Leave Me Alone!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"Leave Me Alone!" is a short, rhyming storybook about a charming young kitty named Frisky who struggles to gain control of anything he can in a world that is not going his way. Based on a true story, little Frisky, surrounded by his supportive family, recovers from brain surgery learning that no matter what happens, he is never left alone.

"I love the story and believe it would really help many kids who are facing surgeries and fears."

- Dr. Patricia McClung, Professor in the Special Education Department of Lee University

"I read the book and it is precious. I love the kitten character and it will make a good bibliotherapy text for children going through health issues."

- JoAnn Higginbotham, Doctor of Arts, Professor of Education

Hello. I am a kitty and I like to do things myself as long as it's not too risky. They say I have nine lives, but I don't know what that means. Mom says I will be strong IF I eat my green beans. But kitties can live on chicken and bread alone, so please, Mom, please, just leave me alone. My sister loves to chase mice and play all day but I get too tired. Leave me alone I say!

Melinda C. Benson is a mother of two, music teacher, singer/ songwriter, and worship leader who calls Salt Lake City, Utah her home. She grew up in Virginia and North Carolina, completed her B.S. in Music Education from Lee University in Tennessee and has continued pursuing higher education and church ministry with her husband.

Benson's four-year-old son, who has miraculously recovered from four unexpected brain surgeries, is the inspiration behind this book. On New Year's Day of 2015, her little boy was diagnosed with an extremely rare tumor called craniopharyngioma. Having found unspeakable faith, strong community, timely provision, and unfathomable peace and joy through this tough season of life, Melinda has something extremely authentic, relevant and life changing to share!

Kaylee Mayton is an upcoming artist from Tennessee studying Psychology at Lee University. She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 14, and as a result, has become passionate about creating awareness for children and young adults who struggle with many forms of health issues everyday.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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