Discovering You
Discovering You
First Steps for Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Max De Pree, international bestselling author and Christian statesman, describes Discovering You as a very good book that "teaches critical lessons for becoming the person you intend to be." This book provides a tested method for personal mission development and awareness essential for a healthy emotional intelligence. Those completing the book write again and again of its impact on their lives and those around them. Dana Byers, Pastor, captures the sentiment of many when she writes, "I taught from the Discovering You workbook for more than two years. The material gets me excited about my own personal mission every time I share the workbook with others. Becky and David's work is truly changing lives." Join hundreds who are finding Discovering You an inspiring tool for personal growth and life purpose.

From personal reflection to corporate training sessions, emotional health and intelligence (EI) is now considered to be a key factor in living and working well. At its core, EI is learning to manage your emotions for fulfilling your purpose in life and developing effective relationships, whether at work, with family or friends.

Discovering You provides a framework for increasing your self-awareness, which is the foundation for developing your EI. We believe over the course of using this book, individuals will discover their strengths and weaknesses and determine how they will apply this personal understanding in growing their emotional intelligence.

We know individuals can improve their EI competencies and discover their purpose in life through the many years of teaching and testing the material in this book. Additionally, we have listened to personal stories of renewed lives by those who are using its process. This workbook contains unsolicited testimonials of personal change when an individual is willing to evaluate his or her self-perceptions against what others experience, learn from one's relationships, and work toward becoming who they were created and meant to be. This deep change comes through a process that begins by taking time for understanding and then developing your EI as outlined in Discovering You.

You have a choice of whether you experience meaning and purpose to your earthly existence or feel a thread of regret or uncertainty as you age, never fully becoming what God created you to be. You can play life safe, relying on your smarts to get you through, all the while never fully developing purposeful relationships or living as fully as you might. However, we know you can experience well-being both physically and spiritually and maintain effective relationships, if you invest time in this process of discovery and transformation.

Discovering You offers a solid method for beginning a personal journey that may ultimately lead to living the purpose you were created by God to live. We believe every person has a purpose, but with the overwhelming voices and choices clamoring for one's attention, that purpose can be difficult to identify. It is our belief that Discovering You can help a person identify and clarify their Best-self (the person they are called to become and would like to be). Part of this discovery, however, also requires evaluating who we are now by identifying who we are currently in life (our Today-self).

You may already possess a high level of self-awareness about a variety of emotions as outlined in Discovering You. You may also presently be motivated toward pursuing your life goals and hopes. Additionally, you may be equipped for assisting others by further developing empathy, relationship skills, and encouraging others to join you in ongoing learning for creating and sustaining EI. If, however, you are unsure or simply want to strengthen your life, we know this book can help.

Discovering You explores the components of emotional intelligence, mission development, goal setting, and designing a path toward becoming your Best-self. In the end, we believe this material will help you establish more effective relationships and ultimately live abundantly in Christ.

Rebecca Haskett, EdD, is currently professor of business management at Anderson University's Falls School of Business, teaching in the areas of management, organizational behavior, nonprofit leadership, and strategic planning. She has been on the faculty since 1996. She completed her EdD in higher education at Indiana University, with a minor in nonprofit strategic management. Haskett's doctoral dissertation is Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Success in Higher Education.

Rebecca is the co-founder of the EQ "Think Tank" networking organization. She is a certified trainer in TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence training curriculum and the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, and has completed the BarOn EQ-i Emotional Intelligence Certification program. She also presents seminars and workshops on EI. Some of her recent clients include the Department of Homeland Security, Edward Jones, Indiana Business College, and Center for Mental Health, as well as Ball State University as a keynote speaker on topic of EI for their annual Teaching and Learning Conference.

Rebecca's past experience includes 17 years as a CPA for General Motors, along with leading the organizational strategic planning process. She may be contacted at

David Neidert, MA, is the author of the nationally distributed book Four Seasons of Leadership, now in its third edition (Unlimited Publishing, 2008). Additionally, he has contributed to the book A New Paradigm of Leadership: A Vision of Excellence for 21st Century Organizations, with authors such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Peter Senge, and Peter Drucker (1997). He also is a contributor, with his daughter, to the book Love: Bridges of Reconciliation (2003). He has edited nearly a dozen curricular manuals as well as authored others used nationally for theological and biblical studies. His first children's book is God Quest: Search*Explore*Discover (Warner Press, Inc., July 2007).

David has been teaching at the university level since 1987 and has also taught more than 200 seminars and workshops across the country. He is a former national president of the International Management Council of the YMCA (IMC) and former chair of the Board of Regents of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (an international management certification and testing institute) at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, and past chair of the Board of Directors, Indiana Ministries of the Church of God. He has also been trained by the Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, NC).

David has received a variety of awards for his civic involvement and teaching, including IMC's highest honor, The 2003 Wilbur McFeely Award, for his books and teaching in the area of human development and leadership. He served with Anderson University from 1978 to 2016 in a variety of capacities, including director of human resources, director of auxiliary services, and the director of admissions and enrollment coordinator, the graduate School of Theology. He is currently a professional speaker, writer, and consultant. He may be contacted at


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