Helen's Heritage
Helen's Heritage
Life Stories of Helen Herbert Gillham as told to Debra Irene
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What was it like to be born in the depression era and to grow up the youngest of sixteen children in a poor family in rural Missouri? What was it like to be separated from your mother as a young toddler, to be without her daily nurturing and yet have deep spiritual roots and an overall strong family base? How do you carve out your own journey? And then, when your journey is over, what heritage have you left for your descendants? Will they know about the struggles and the victories on earth? Will they know about the promise of an eternal home? Will they know the family stories, those jewels locked up in time?

Helen decided not to keep those jewels to herself. Instead, she unlocked the treasure box, opened it wide, and documented it all for the generations to come. Come and read her stories. Learn of her heritage, the one on earth and the one for eternity.

"I looked toward heaven, which now revealed a puffy, white cloud suspended in the air, painted against brilliant blue. Then I heard another distinctive sound of something shattering and witnessed the sky break like a cracked egg. Then I saw him descend. I knew it was Jesus. His feet parted the single cloud, and a white robe was draped at his feet from his waist. That's as much as I was allowed to see-a glimpse from the waist down.

The scene before me vanished. I looked around and noticed I was back in my bed, so I returned to sleep. I woke up early the next morning in my own home long before the alarm sounded for my husband, Charles, to get up. I found my Bible and strolled down the narrow hallway to the kitchen. I picked up my package of cigarettes on the table, turned it upside down and tapped it on my left hand, pulled one out, and lit it. Then I sat down, turned to Ezekiel 33:7, and read ..."

Debra Irene has lived and been employed by corporations in the metropolitan Kansas City area since 1979. She enjoys music, ballroom dancing for pleasure and exercise, and baseball (specifically her Kansas City Royals). She has a passion for storytelling and writing – real-life adventures and everyday life. To her, life is a story waiting to be told. Debra's first book, Reflections, is a series of vignettes reflecting on people in her life. Her stories have appeared in Farm & Ranch Living, Country, and The Missouri Golf Post. Helen's Heritage is her second published book. www.DebraIrene.com

This is a MUST READ. It's hard to put it down because it' such an easy read. You'll laugh and cry. Interesting stories that everyone can relate to. Hope Hallmark makes a movie about it!!
Vickie Day 
A wonderful memoir of what it’s like growing up in a very large family and in the depression era, with a great spiritual message to boot! Very easy to read; hard to put down. The words just flow from the page and into your heart! I loved it!

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