Rabbit Trails
Rabbit Trails
The Boy and the Dragon/Mumiya and the Cat
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Rabbit Trails Book 1

Side A: "The Boy and the Dragon"
A miraculous tale of an orphan boy stumbling upon a magnificent dragon and learning how to become a knight, set in Medieval England. A story that focuses on honesty, honor, humility, courage and loyalty.

Side B: "Mumiya and the Cat"
An enchanted story about a mummified Egyptian princess encountering friendship and acceptance in today's world. A story that teaches being patient, gentle, loving and putting others first.

Rabbit Trails offer something for everyone:
For God - Profits go to feed and rescue children.
For kids - The books have animals, art, and fun.
For parents - Bible verses, character themes and mini-studies are included.
For teachers - The books are designed to aid a love of learning in fun bite-sized portions that include science and history content.

A wise rabbit once told me...

Be humble, honest, courageous, loyal and honorable.

These character traits not only turn boys into knights, but turn girls and boys into usable servants of the Lord.

In 2015, Amy's daughter had a school assignment to write a short story. The mother-daughter team delighted in adding extra details and facts ("rabbit trails") to her daughter's Egyptian cat story. A month later, feeling led in prayer, Amy began to write a series of Christian character-based books, of which the first book in the series is the elaborated Egyptian cat story. Over a three-week Christmas break, the framework for the series and the rough drafts of half of the books were completed.

Amy is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother to two kids and five rescued pets. The rescued animals consist of one cat, one dog, and three rabbits. The three rabbits are the hostesses of the books. Amy likes to volunteer at church, in youth outreach ministry, and in small and exotic animal rescue. All of them live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

From living with a popular name, she acquired the habit of signing her name and art as "AmyG."


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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