Life Lessons from Queen Esther
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Meet ten year old Daniela as she travels back in time to 450 BC Persia in search of Queen Esther. Find out how she meets Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordecai. Learn how Esther becomes Queen of Persia and takes Daniela to live in the palace.

Join in the adventure of palace life, including serving under the first maidservant to the queen, while learning palace rules. Share in the story of how Daniela learns important life lessons from Queen Esther.

Come along with Daniela as she becomes part of history in the celebration of the first Purim as a memorial to remember how Queen Esther petitioned the King of Persia to spare the lives of her people, the Jews.

Chapter 5 Where Am I?

Daniela's eyes were closed as she imagined going down the footpath. As she opened her eyes, things looked somewhat different. She was expecting to see a cottage, or a cabin, or some kind of residence where Esther might live. In fact, the beautiful surroundings of the footpath had disappeared. There before Daniela is a completely different landscape, it is stark desert, and there was no green at all that she could see. She thought to herself, "What kind of place is this?" Before her she could see what appeared to be walls and some kind of buildings made of rocks, or big stones. She wasn't sure what it was, but there appeared to be an entrance in the distance ahead of her; so she continued walking toward the unfamiliar structure.

It took some time to reach what looked to be some kind of a gate. It was much bigger up close. As she looked around she had never seen anything like it in her entire short life. It was pretty impressive. As she stood in the gate and looked around, her eyes found a small group of men talking and standing in kind of a circle. They were speaking a language she had never heard before. As she walked toward the men, one of the men turned and walked toward her.

Daniela tried to be brave, but with a shaky voice she asked the man, "Does Esther live here?" The man's eyes squinted as though he understood what she asked. He then turned to the other men and, in that language she couldn't understand, said something to the men. For a moment the men talked among themselves, and then the man standing in front of Daniela pointed in the direction of what appeared to be an alley and simply said, "That way."

Daniela never thought of herself as being brave. But this experience was calling on her to do something that looked like bravery. She was not sure of anything. So off she went in the direction that the man pointed. Her surroundings were like nothing she had ever seen before. The people all looked so different, all chattering that same language that she couldn't understand. There were no sidewalks, no front yards, no stores, and no cars; there was nothing that was familiar to her at all. But she continued as the man had directed. She suddenly came to a stop! "Wow! Which way should I go?" There was a choice to be made, because the way she was going now became either right or left. It was a fork in the road. Daniela thought, "Now what?"

Kathryn S. Patterson is a retired judicial court reporter and an ordained minister. She holds a master of ministry in Christian counseling degree and is a board-certified Christian counselor. Kathryn was a family and relationship counselor for several years in a pastoral role through her local church. Kathryn currently volunteers as a chaplain at a local hospital. Kathryn and Duane, her husband, have spent extended time in Israel over the last eighteen years, as well as hosting trips to Israel through their ministry, Bible Land Studies (www.biblelandstudies.com). Kathryn continues to study and teach biblical Hebrew. Kathryn and Duane live in Southern Arizona near their family.

Kathie - just finished reading Daniela and loved it! Wish I had a group of young ladies
I could read it to or get it for - wish I had read this when I was a 10 yr old and loved books.
Where were you when I needed you back then? I would have made better choices in my own
life if I had read this long ago! I really really liked Esther's explanation of "courage" on page 69 -
"doing what is right, even if it isn't popular, or if a cost is involved" - a cost is always involved
just not always visible. Thank you for the wise advice and insight you have put into this story,
and it's good for all ages not just 10 yr olds!
Thanks Kathie!
Ruth Spyker 
my heart is totally capivated by Daniela, this book is spiritual blessing for young or old to read on her journey.
gloria alexander 

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