The Red Stones
The Red Stones
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Memories of past loved ones can be shared through a simple story. A red stone was the tangible gift one afternoon between a great aunt and a great niece. Little did they realize not only the memory and love of a father and great grandfather were shared, but the love of their heavenly Father.

Unbelievably, people would open up to him. Not sure if it was his baby blue eyes and gray hair that gave the listener comfort, or just the fact that Poppa seemed totally harmless. After they had talked for a few minutes, he would tell them that he wanted to give them something. He would reach deep down into his pocket and pull out a shiny red stone.

Cathy Corley has taught in public middle schools, homeschooled her two boys, and taught in a private Christian school over the past twenty-three years. She and her husband, Darren, have two teenage boys.


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