When Jesus Walked a Mile in My Shoes
When Jesus Walked a Mile in My Shoes
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This is a semibiographical story of events in my life where Jesus intervened to save me from injury and death.

Approximately 5 minutes after entering the room, my mother opened her eyes and smiled at us. We both went into a semi shock. My father, a medic in the army, knew that my mother had died 50 minutes ago. My father immediately pushed the button for the nurse. Meanwhile, my mother started talking.

I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on July 10, 1944. My family moved to the United States when I was three years old. I grew up in a loving Christian family. I served in both the US Navy and in the US Army for a combined total of twenty-five years. During my military career, I obtained my registered nursing degree. Currently, I am a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran. I live at home in California with Mallory, my wife of thirty one years. I have four wonderful children. I love traveling, writing poetry, reading Western books by Louis L'Amour, cooking, and enjoying what life has to offer me. I am truly proud to be an American and proud to live in America, the only country that protects the honor of God.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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