A Father's Baseball Dream Becomes a Son's Journey
A Father's Baseball Dream Becomes a Son's Journey
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A Father's Baseball Dream Becomes a Son's Journey is about a son's journey of failures, victories, and surprises, with many sacrifices being made by family members. His path was also made possible by the contributions of the several friends and associates along the way. His induction into the Baltimore Orioles' Hall of Fame was the culmination of his career, all while acknowledging that God was in control at all times. The foreword is written by former Major League Baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth, and the introduction is written by Roland Hemond, voted Major League Executive of the Year for three different years. The book contains testimonies from well-known former Major League players, Bobby Grich, Doug DeCinces, Joe Rudi, and others. These and others were players whom I partnered with in developing their skills. He tells of God's intervention and prayers that were answered in the process of decisions being made.

From the time, at the age of three, when my Father gave me my first baseball glove that I took to bed with me, to the times of Dad's building a home plate and pitching mound in our driveway at home, to the countless hours of his playing catch with me every evening after coming home from work, to the long sessions of his throwing batting - pitching to me, even until he reached the age of 54, my Father's Dream and unwavering goal was the Major Leagues for his son, Don

Once, at the age of six, as I lay on an operating room table with a broken arm, I remember my Father asking the Surgeon if the operation would prevent me from playing in the Major Leagues.

As I began to grow and develop my skills and strength, my love of baseball grew. By playing on organized youth baseball teams, the commitment of my father with the dream of his son becoming a Major League Baseball player was ongoing. My Dad's became an assistant coach on several of the youth teams on which I played. It was very special on the days that we won. However, on the days that we lost, hearing about the mistakes that we made once again at the dinner table was not always a pleasant experience. As I grew and matured, there was high-school baseball and exciting times of attending tryout camps conducted by major league teams. One tryout camp I will never forget was held by The Brooklyn Dodgers in San Mateo, California.

The Dodgers were paying the greatest amount of attention to two infielders. Indeed, those two infielders were the prize of the camp. Their names were Bobby Brown and Jerry Coleman. Bobby Brown became a third baseman for the New York Yankees and, later, the president of the American League. Jerry Coleman became a second baseman for the New York Yankees and, later, a long-time broadcaster for the San Diego Padres.

I was only 16 years old at the time and a very timid guy hiding behind a tree. There was another timid young player hiding behind the same tree, and I said, "I'll go out, if you will." He replied, "Let's go."

We gathered our courage and came out from behind the tree and approached the Coach at the Dodger tryout camp. The Coach conducting the camp was a long-time Dodger employee, named Jake Pitler. Pitler asked both of us, "How old are you two?" We each answered, with all the confidence we could muster, "sixteen, Sir." He kindly responded, "Come back next year." The other timid 16-year old became a long-time major league player and manager named Frank Lucchesi.

Don Pries played in the minor leagues for nine years, beginning as a seventeen-year-old, signed by the Cleveland Indians. His MLB experience took him to managing positions with the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirate's organizations. This experience then led to a second career in scouting with the St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Oakland As, and the Baltimore Orioles. In 1974, he assisted in developing the MLB Scouting Bureau, a scouting service used by all Major League Baseball teams. He became the director of the Scouting Bureau, which helped in the evolution of the baseball scouting profession. He is the recipient of MLB's Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment and dedication to the professional baseball industry. He was inducted into the Baltimore Orioles' Hall of Fame for his contributions in advising them whom to draft and whom to trade for, which assisted the team in participating in four World Series.

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