The Other Side
The Other Side
What Is the Point of Holding On?
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Launching out into the deep in the midst of a storm takes courage, incurs risks, and takes a lot of faith! How do you get to where God wants you? Where is God in the midst of your storms? What do you do while you are waiting on God to move? What do you do when faced with insurmountable odds? Do you have what it takes to brave the storm just to get to the other side in life?

The Other Side: What Is the Point of Holding On? delves into these questions and speaks of the storms of life we all must face and of how we can safely make it in order to receive God's blessings and promises on the other side.

Let me ask you a question. How often it is that we look at the present circumstance and make excuses on why God can't fix something or why He can't move on our behalf? We think it's too hopeless. Too far- fetched. We cannot see it, so we do not believe it. But, Jesus was not done here! He had the answers and He had the way. Jesus looked back at His disciples and said: "Bring them to me" because He had more to do. Every time Jesus tells us to do something, it's because He has something to show us. (Peter would soon learn this and we will touch on that later.)

I imagine the disciples were sitting there perplexed at the situation. "Jesus, I know you and we have walked with you for years, but how on earth are you going to feed all of these people? The sum of food we need makes it impossible. What, are you going to feed them bread crumbs? You're smart, Jesus. Surely you know that bread crumbs will not sustain their desires and their needs. Why don't you just ask us to go fishing again and cast our nets over to the other side?" But, Jesus did and most often does His best work through the doubts and questions. This doesn't give us a right to doubt or question God, but He always proves to us that He is and always will be faithful. In this instance, He knew Himself that it didn't look like much and that to some, it looked hopeless.

Jesus knew better though. He knew there was more than meets the eye and as He looked up to the creator that spoke those fish into existence and offered up THE SUM of what He did have, He didn't just feed them. He fed the crowds of people to satisfaction. He healed them, nurtured them, befriended them and still those two fish and five loaves became twelve basketfuls for a lucky child and His family. Beyond that though, He gave his disciples and the multitudes insight to who the Son of God is. Jesus truly loves His people and He would never lead them astray. He would never leave them starving, struggling, or alone. Not when they desire Him so much.

Indeed, little is much when God is in it, and those breadcrumbs that we so often assume God is going to give us become an over abundance. It becomes more than enough. It becomes above and beyond. He provides more than the sum and more than what's necessary and He will return more than what we offer up to Him. God always gives more and blesses more than the sum of what we have or see. He will do more than we ever imagined. And all of those questions and doubts we've had will finally find their answers, through the act of God.

Seth Ramey resides in the land of champions, where they bleed scarlet and gray. After many years of journaling and posting blogs, he is pursuing his dream and passion for writing. The middle child in a family of seven, he has a heart for children, young adults, and missions.


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