The Moderator
The Moderator
Valley of Human Struggle
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The author has put together basis and advance guidelines for a district association. He points out very vividly that there are divine requirements to be learned and followed by the person seeking the office of moderator. There are requirements, dedications, trust in an almighty God, and belief in the word of God. He must learn to listen to God and make no mistakes as to who he is listening to. He must never hear Satan and believe that God is speaking to him.

The author has observed that the church and the district association has wallowed in fragments of Christian cliches and paraphernalia, causing people who look for answers at church and district association to wonder through life with little meaning and fulfillment. The bible passage that they hear in many churches and sanctuary's from men is so watered down that it has almost no relevance to what people face in real life. The Moderator (Valley of Human Struggle) seek to turn the men and women of the local church, to the motive of being obedient to God's word. To press on the mind of men how important it is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially the community that surrounds the district association. They are never to forget and misunderstand the struggle of being human and knowwing who their father is.

The author has been a part of the district association ever since he was twelve years old. His dad was a preacher and pastor for many years. He worked in the association for a long time, studying and teaching. The author observed twenty years ago how leadership drove churches from the association without a thought or concern for the lost churches.

The author lives in the Dallas, Texas, area where he received his degree in organization management from Paul Quinn College, Dallas, Texas. He has a diploma in Christian education from D. Edwin Johnson Bible College and a bachelor of science from Mountain View College. He served in the military for eight years and worked for Vought Aircraft for thirty-two years.


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