Verse by Verse
Verse by Verse
Vol. 1: The Torah
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Verse By Verse is a combination of historical fiction and poetry. It brings the first five books of the Bible to light in a whole new manner—at turns, humorous, serious, even controversial.

Condensing (nearly omitting) the lengthier and monotonous passages of the scriptures, Verse By Verse highlights all the favorite stories in unique fashion as well as touching on some of the more obscure segments.

Designed to be both entertaining and enlightening, Verse By Verse is a great introduction to the Bible for those who have never read it and a fresh perspective for those more familiar with it.

Genesis Chapter 3

The Fall

The wicked one, banished forever from God’s presence Opened wide his jaw and pierced the ears of the woman Fangs slashing through the flesh, death oozing down her neck Down to the Tigress River, she washed herself Painted raspberries on her lips, blueberries across her eyelids Found Adam lounging in the garden, watching the ball of fire Sinking behind the cedars, a soft moon caressing purple skies Would you like to sleep on the sofa tonight? She already knew the game I think I’ll have fruit please, said he.

Numbers Chapter 13 / 14

Evil Report

Twelve men were sent to spy the land The promised acreage of Canaan If they would walk, holding God’s hand He would show His master plan

But ten returned with evil report The two with faith did rebels thwart Unbelievers never comport The ways of God their last resort They sealed the fate of their own nation A forty year wilderness staycation

Numbers Chapter 22

Balaam and the Talking Ass (excerpt)

The donkey, though, turned quick aside And hit a wall while full in stride Crushing Balaam’s froward foot Earning whip upon her hide Then, by God, the donkey spoke Balaam gasped and nearly choked Nonetheless, he railed back The angel’s ire thus provoked

I believe God has gifted me to write, having won contests in elementary and high school; however, the path I took in life lent itself to food service instead of writing. Nevertheless, now is the time.

I started writing a couple years ago, after taking a creative writing class, followed by a poetry class - just for fun.

I self-published my first book in 2015, Poetry You Can Understand.

I have studied the Bible at length over the past 23 years, and obtained a Bachelors Degree from a four year Bible college program, whose focus was primarily on doctrine and leadership.

I currently live in Madison, Wisconsin with my wife, Rani. I have been a Chef/Cook for over thirty years.

Although poetry can be fun to write, I would like to move on to the spiritual non-fiction genre eventually.


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