One More Miracle
One More Miracle
What Place Do Miracles Have in a Technological World?
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you could wish for a miracle, what would it be? Are miracles still possible? This book assumes miracles are not only possible but can and do happen every day. You can receive miracles yourself, and when we combine miracles with the technology of the future, we can do things beyond our imagination. What technology will we have in the future that will make life better? Will it enable us to go to the moon, planets, and even one day, to the stars? This forty-day program may just increase your faith and possibly save your life someday. Read it and see if it jump-starts your life into another spiritual gear that may save your life someday.

One More Miracle takes you into many facets of the world today. One More Miracle not only raises the question of Miracles but tries to guide you into praying for Miracles that change your life and make you enter into a new world of Miracles and technology which together can create a world we have only imagined. You may surprised at the things that you can pray for and that God will answer. Has he brought us this far to devastate us? Are we on the verge of a new and wondrous world of Miracles and Technological breakthroughs? You may be surprised how this book can change your life in a new and wondrous way which keeps God first.

Kenneth was born in Bangor, Maine and is an Ex Marine. He graduated from California State College at Long Beach Calif with a degree in Psychology and Minor in Sociology and Education. He taught school for three years before having his own business in California. He spent 30 years as a Realtor in California and Texas and was also a Loan Officer as well.He is presently retired and lives in Oklahoma.


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