Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Grace Funderburk's younger sister, Heather, has just graduated from college with her teaching degree and is coming to visit. But she never arrives. Grace hires 3M Private Investigating Agency, owned by Matthew Swain and his brothers, to find Heather. The men join forces with their friend Jake, the newly elected police chief, and discover that two other young teachers have recently disappeared from surrounding areas. Collecting clues, they find many similarities in the three cases. With several of their friends on the growing list of suspects, will they be able to find the missing women, as well as the person responsible for these heinous crimes? And will Matthew be able to do his job in spite of his growing attraction to their new client?

Matthew moved toward the sedan. Noticing it was an older model, Matthew began glancing over the car as he approached, trying to see if anything obvious had caused the car to break down. Not seeing any flat tires or body damage to the car, he approached the sedan. The surprise came when he realized that the unfamiliar vehicle had no driver in it.

Leaning his head in the window, being careful not to touch anything, Matthew saw a small, black purse laying in the passenger seat. As he turned, beginning to pull his head from the driver's window, Matthew spotted, what appeared to be, a small drop of blood on the edge of the driver's seat.

Ashley Johnson is a former high school English teacher who has always loved to write. She is an avid reader who cherishes time spent with family. Ashley and her wonderful husband of over twenty years homeschool their teenage son in Aiken, South Carolina where they reside.


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