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An educational psychologist and columnist, Amara Ezenwa unveils in an extraordinary way some biblical truths in her seventeen-chapter book. Each of these chapters exists in isolation, making them exceptionally unique in their own way. The opening chapter ushers us into an imaginary agony and loneliness of Benjamin at the sudden disappearance of his brother, Joseph, and his wishes which were translated into nightly dreams then his convictions that Joseph could still be miraculously alive. As suspense runs from the first page to the end, we have to wait till the end to capture the entire gist.

"This is superb, extremely superb" (Engr. Chuddy Ifeakor, PhD).

"Was touched when going through the different chapters, loaded with encouraging stories . . . an easy to read any day." (Deaconess Titi Oladele).

''....Ever come in contact with a managing director who is humble? A noble prize winner who is down to earth? A famous preacher who doesn't only appear selfless and holy but lives it out? A celebrity whose popularity hasn't changed his carriage and vocabulary? You'd better cross-check their adversity workbook. They must have scored high grades in the lessons of trails. It could be that the furnance of fire was their red carpet to the hall of fame, the lions den their dressing room to stardom, and the scar of bruises such as found on the believers of the early badges of honour they wore.

Amara Ezenwa is a prolific writer and a columnist in several christian magazines. Her articles transcends different subjects. An educationist, she holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling. She has served many years in the Prison ministries and runs a bible club THE KING'S REPS. She and her husband Michael are pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, in Rennes France. Their marriage is blessed with two great children, Chidi and Vicnelly.


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