Tyrone Dilemma
Tyrone Dilemma
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This tale tells of the romance between two unlikely man and woman. The main character is placed in a difficult position after the death of his father and stepmother. He is quite young to have this responsibility of taking charge of a large ranch/farming operation and continuing the livestock trading business. He also is charged by the courts to be in charge of the estate and be the surrogate father of his three young half-siblings. This is a monumental task, and this impinges on his pursuit of the woman of his dreams. His dreams are also of the horrendous deaths of his father in particular. The young hero inherits his father's sense of fairness and business acumen. He soldiers on through all these difficult times.

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The chronicler of the book lived the life as portrayed in Tyrone Dust. He is in the eighth decade of his life experience. He was employed in various jobs as a teenager and joined the United States Air Force and was a Chaplain's Assistant the whole time. He was stationed in Korea, Spain and Southeast Asia and various bases in the United States. He taught junior/senior high school students and entered the Real Estate business for nearly thirty years. He is married to the Love of His Life for nearly fifty-nine years and resides in Illinois near St. Louis, MO


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