Bricks Without Straw
Bricks Without Straw
How Homeschooling Can Make Your Role as a Christian Parent Easier
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Trina Kay Lewis has a secret. Sending your children to school just may make your job as a Christian parent more challenging and difficult than teaching them at home. Trina should know. She has done both.

Whether you have taken a curious glimpse into the unfamiliar world of homeschooling and have questions, have already decided to take the plunge, or currently have a little school in your home "Bricks Without Straw, How Homeschooling Can Make Your Role As a Christian Parent Easier" offers encouragement and practical assistance. Author and homeschooling veteran, Trina Kay Lewis, opens up about her nearly two decades of training her four children at home in this pragmatic guide. "Bricks Without Straw, How Homeschooling Can Make Your Role As a Christian Parent Easier" provides workable solutions while keeping the reader grounded in the essentials.

Your most important assignment as a Christian parent is to teach your children about God. You do not warrant salvation for your children, of course, because only God saves; but there is clear direction in scripture for parents to instruct their children in the ways of the Lord, tell of His might and grace, and engage them in honest and direct discussion. You are responsible for your children's training (Proverbs 22:6) and to some extent their actions (1 Samuel 2:12–36).

Practically speaking, if your children are away from home eight to ten hours a day, it can be very difficult to succeed at the job that has been entrusted to you as a Christian parent. It is as though you are trying to complete the task of teaching your children about God without the necessary tools-in this case, time.

Raising godly children without all of the proper tools or ingredients can be difficult. I know because I trudged along that path for a couple of years when my children were in public school. I can remember sitting on our steps having a short devotion with them at the beginning of the day, and I can recall rushing to the church for children's choir after school, handing out snacks for the ride and leaving homework on the kitchen table to be tackled later that evening. In addition to the time constraints, the outside influences from being at school all day are strong, and the lessons introduced at the beginning and end of the day are comparatively short.

Your primary job as a Christian parent is to teach your children about God and homeschooling is an excellent tool that a parent can use to carry out this crucial responsibility.

In addition to being a homemaker, wife, and mother, Trina Kay Lewis successfully homeschooled two sets of twins through high school graduation and prepared each for college and beyond.

Trina earned her BA in communications from George Mason University. She is married to John, and they reside in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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