Author Interviews

WestBow Press author Scott A. Morofsky talks about the motivation for self-publishing his book “Wellativity.”
Jarrod Polson
Former Kentucky Wildcat Jarrod Polson shares his story of faith in his book, “Living Beyond the Dream.”
John Trautwein
Former MLB Pitcher and WestBow Press author John Trautwein talks about the motivation for self-publishing his book “My Living Will”
David Spurgeon
Author David Spurgeon talks about his troubled background that started with a motorcycle club and drug use and eventually landed him in prison.
Chris Lytle
UFC legend turned author Chris Lytle talks about his personal motivation for writing his book, “Lights Out on Bullying.”
J.V. Carr
J.V. Carr talks about her experience writing "Username: Bladen" and publishing with WestBow Press.
Joe Castillo
WestBow Press author Joe Castillo talks about the art of telling stories through sand in his book, "SandStory."
Marcia Moston
Marcia Moston discusses her book "Call of a Coward," winning the Women of Faith writing competition and getting picked up by Thomas Nelson.
Shauna Mayer
Author Shauna Mayer discusses the ideas behind and creation of her book "Confessions of 5 Christian Wives."
Alexis Judy
Alexis Judy, author of Because He Loved Me, talks about what inspired her to write her book and why she decided to self-publish with WestBow Press.
Mitzi Doster
Mitzi Doster discusses the inspiration behind her children's book The Lizard in the Laundry and publishing with WestBow Press.
Ashley Hodges Bazer
Author Ashley Hodges Bazer describes the unique path to publication of her Christian science fiction novel and that novel's path to award-winning success.
Danva York Meister
The author of "Texas Woman Widowed Twice and Becoming An Eagle" talks about her book. "Widowed Twice" offers a burst of refreshing hope and excitement, explaining that your life is not over and that God still has a plan for you.
Larry Forcey
Author Larry Forcey discusses the story of "The Crèche." Forcey's book focuses on a family struggling to determine their beliefs in God.
Scott Coleman
Author Scott Coleman recalls how the title of his book, Best When Broken, was revealed to him.